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“Would you like a safety word now?” I ask him, to give him the slight warning that he will be in this position for some time as always. He whimpers tenderly looking up at me.
“Yes please.”
“How about…. ‘rose red’. The safety word is ‘rose red’.” I say gleefully. I make my way to the bed area waiting for Peter to come join me. I close the curtain after he steps up the platform.
Inside of the bed area, Peter and I go over to the bed. We had decided to change the room colors to navy and black for the night, so the blankets are navy blue with black silk sheets. We both sit down on the right side of the bed.
“Do you want to leave the hood on again?”
“No, I’ll take it off this time.” Peter speaks softly. He is very timid and mild mannered but takes action when it comes to sex. I can understand him. We both had to deal with being subjected to forceful men. Well, he still is, however, Matthew is very different from Steven from what I have seen. I think I said it earlier that he is neither selfish nor a self-centered lover. He likes to give as much pleasure as he wants to receive and he is very passionate. Peter is the same way, and I’m sure that I have Matthew to thank for that. How can I not smile when I leave this room, this club? I have never experienced sex like this, the way that he kisses me, touches me, it’s so gentle and caring. Even now, the way his eyes and fingers trace over every inch of my body is so tender and gentle, you would think that I was a delicate porcelain doll that if touched to hard would shatter into a million pieces.
“Mmm….hmmmhmmm….mmm…” Moaning quietly as he penetrates me tenderly and thrust in and out slow at first. He speeds up a little, enough that our thighs smack lightly but are not as loud as it was when he pounded fiercely into Matthew only moments before.
“Aaahaaa…hh.phff…” The sound of his lowered moaning and groaning is wonderful to hear.
“Red Rose” I heard Matthew’s raspy whisper rip through the curtains. It hadn’t been that long since we left him and started having sex. And he doesn’t cave this soon. It’s so unlike him. “Red Rose”. I hear him say again, opening my eyes as I feel Peter stop and lift up slowly, his head is turned to his left listening to Matthew’s voice. So I wasn’t imagining it. He did say it….

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